This strange slice of gothic pop-soul is credited to one “Robertha Williams,” about whom I have found very little information. The YouTube video has exactly one comment:

I suppose I could reach out to Tiffiny, but I am at heart a lazy man and is isn’t necessarily relevant anyway. What matters is the song, which — despite Pickwick’s quick-n-dirty recording style — sounds like it had some care lavished on it. The verses are minimalist and ominous, the choruses ornate and fervid; a lot of drama is crammed into two and a half minutes.

The scenario here is clear enough: The singer is preparing to run off with her boyfriend, and telling her sister (I assume) to break the news gently to her mom. But there’s something unsettling about the way the song is presented, as if it were being sung by a ghost. It seems pretty clear that things are not going to work out, and that Mamma is going to end up crying one way or another.