I wouldn’t say “Ya Running, but I’ll Getcha” is a great song, but it has gotten stuck in my head over the last few days, so I guess you’d have to call it successful in that way at least. The similarity to “Run for Your Life” is really quite striking, but it appears to have been a case of parallel evolution.

Up next is a song that Lou Reed noticeably does not get a songwriting credit on; the label lists only Sims/Vance/Philips, with the customary fourth name omitted. Maybe it was written during one of Lou’s trips to the ER? In any case, I am told that he did play guitar on it — you make up your own mind:


Whereas “Soul City” was a Motown wannabe, this is more in a Phil Spector vein. It’s credible enough; you could hear it on an oldies station without batting an eyelash.

Very little is known about Spongy & the Dolls, who apparently existed only for this one single. (I don’t think that’s them in the video.) “Really Really etc.” is the B-side; the A-side was called “It Looks Like Love,” and for some reason is not on YouTube. They’re asking $60 for the single and so, no… we will not be going there. It’s not relevant anyway. Moving on!