This week I finally cracked open Will Hermes’ Lou Reed: King of New York and was encouraged to find that, though it is a weighty tome, more than 75 of its pages are occupied by notes and index. Thus inspired, I plunged in and have been making decent progress.

The level of detail is higher than in the other Lou bios I have. There is mention of high school bands called the Treetoads and the CHDs (“a reverse acronym for the Dry Hump Club,” says Hermes) — of which a single, distressingly wholesome picture exists.

Hermes mentions that the CHDs performed “I’ve Had It,” originally by the Bell Notes:

This gives me a chance to connect Lou in one short step to Alex Chilton, which should make Cecil happy. Hey buddy!

I’m guessing that the CHDs’ version hewed closer to the original than Alex’s amiable, boozy evisceration. But maybe not — this is after all the Dry Hump Club we’re talking about.

Anyway: the current plan is to post the first Velvet Underground piece on March 2, Lou’s birthday. Now back to the book.